chicks and crossroads

I’m experiencing somewhat of a blogging paradigm shift. I’ve been questioning this whole blog-a-licious adventure. What purposes does blogging serve in my life? What is it fulfilling, enabling, developing, cultivating, replacing, and encouraging — both good and bad? It’s an interesting question really. One I’ve asked myself many times…because blogging is so many things for so many people. But what is it for me?

One sweet Mrs. Tubbs offered me the wise advice that a blog could and should change with the author. Oh yeah, duh. Well then, (for now) here at the bluecanopy we will strive to keep it fun and simple. Those are the posts I like best. Not that my blog was ever some deep exploration of profound esoteric complexities, but I think I need to keep my opinions to myself and focus more on appreciating and sharing the life we’re carving out.

I suspect I don’t need to state these things, just act upon them; but for some reasons, no doubt inspired by the quiet house and my reflective mood, I felt compelled to, so there :)

Well then, without further ado….in all fun and simplicity, let me introduce our chicks! With a bit of work I was able to acquire a poultry permit from the city. I was surprised that we could have up to 20 hens…yikes! Six Rhode Island Reds have made their home in a blue rubbermaid in our dining room. In a few weeks they will cluck out into the coop we’re building from a converted rabbit hutch. Their feathers have budded a ton since these photos were taken. I can’t believe how quickly they are maturing. I’ll post updates as I can. Fresh eggs here we come!


13 thoughts on “chicks and crossroads

  1. Katie Judge

    your kids must be delighted! I want a pet for my kids, but I can’t think of a good one to have in an apartment with small kids, so I think we’re going to get a birdfeeder so lots of birds will come to our house. Little chicks just sound so cool, and you get fresh eggs to boot!

  2. annie

    I have found myself feeling like my blog is dull and thinking I need to be more insightful and opinionated. There are some blogs I enjoy that fit that description but mine was not intended to be one of those. I am with you on the fun and simple. Just keep those who love me or who are interested up to date and a place to store good memories.
    How fun to have those little creatures in your home. They look so soft and sweet. I suppose that applies to the chicks AND the children!

  3. H West

    I’m SOOOOO happy you posted. Didn’t you realize that I am the sole purpose for you having a blog?!?!?!?!? Ha! Ha! Ha! Seriously, I have wondered the EXACT same things as you and I’m contemplating those things right now. I love blogs that have good pictures. In fact, I really don’t read blogs that don’t have good pictures. Keep it up with the pictures! How exciting to have chickens and SO great for the kiddos.

  4. Susan Sophia

    Cute little, fluffy chicks turn into cute big chickens very fast. With our 2nd flock I thought I’d have months before I needed to worry about a bigger place. But by week 6 or 7 I was scrambling!
    I’m so excited for you to have chickens.

  5. beniy

    I’ll add this…as trivial as blogs may seem sometimes, I think they do add one more thread to connect people together. Our world is so wrongly disconnected. I for one, am glad you blog, and I always look forward to new posts.

  6. E Rica

    You’re brave. Yikes.

    I think blogs really are a fun way to keep community for people who might not have gotten to know eachother otherwise. I’ve met a couple people through blogs or online communities that have become close friends of mine and have inspired me. Keep blogging…please.

  7. aka: herman

    In our previous home we had a chicken… it lived in a pen that was built in our basement.

    It all seemed pretty normal to us.

    The chicken got an education in what it really was when, a couple of years later, it was moved to a friend’s farm.

  8. victoria

    I sure wish we lived close enough to go for coffee.
    I like your philosophy.
    and you have a lovely family.
    God grant you many years, health and salvation.


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