mustard hills


14 thoughts on “mustard hills

  1. aaron

    Is Basil in a freak children’s cult where all of the members where ALL red? He looks deadly in that get up.

  2. bluecanopy Post author

    yeah…he is. It’s called iamfouridressmyselfism :)

    yesterday it was all black. the day before was all brown. i don’t fight it unless we’re going somewhere where it matters…but you know these things honey. oh except for that cult secret. glad we got that out in the open.

  3. jen

    Sarah! I love all your posts…no matter what they cover! I LOVE the pictures too—please keep them coming! How did you make those cool collages? (if that’s what they’re even called).

  4. sara

    H~we were in the hills near our house…powder canyon. it’s our local exploring zone.

    jen~aw shucks :) it’s a flickr thing…here’s a link [www.big huge] it’s fun and free

    xk~yes, i cut about 7 inches off. i wear it down more now which is what i wanted…just needed fresh ends…plus a bit of change…youknow.

  5. linsey

    Is that in Fullerton or La Habra? I wanna go! We are in E.Yorba Linda now but would love to see you guys! BTW, are you homeschooling?

  6. Susan Sophia

    Apparently Joseph joined the “freak children’s cult” as he dressed himself in all red today. Except, here in the Pacific Northwest Chapter they also are required to wear an 80’s style stretchy headband on their heads. (apparently it gives them powers to fight the Sith)


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