bluecanopy daybook

Outside my Window…blue skies and green grass

I am thinking… how should i announce the coming of number four? oops i just did.

I am thankful for…good books to read aloud

From the kitchen…lunch ~ english muffin pizzas with basil and garlic

I am creating…a general outline for kindergarten in the fall

I am going…to fold more laundry

I am wearing…denim shorts with a stripped 3/4 sleeved shirt, hair twisted in a clip & barefeet

I am reading…”The Hidden Art of Homemaking” Edith Schaeffer

I am hoping…Simeon takes a long nap

I am hearing…nursing baby and neighbor kids playing outside

Around the house…chairs, bench and other odds in random places left over from this morning’s living room “building extravaganza”

One of my favorite things…shady afternoons in the backyard on the blanket

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Day…toasting marshmallows on the beach after dinner at my dad’s

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you


15 thoughts on “bluecanopy daybook

  1. annie

    Wonderful news! I am so surprised but I am not sure why. Congratulations to you all and welcome back to blogging!
    Maybe I am surprised because I’ve gotten pregnant soon after you with the last two kids and I am so not ready for #3 yet : )

  2. H West

    Congrats! How EXCITING!!! And I’m sooooooooo glad you finally posted. Sorry to nag. I’d love to have marshmallows on the beach. . .

  3. Rose

    Hey Sara!

    Was thinking about you, googled you and peeked in on your blog…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!…back onto our prayer list you go — we should have never taken you off!

    Missing the joy of being near.


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