small plum makes its presence known

at ten weeks our wee little fruit is now the size of a small plum.

ten weeks usually marks the start of the “morning sickness” symptoms for me, although they linger mildly throughout the day. i usually bid them a gleeful adieu at around week fourteen. you know how it goes…voracious hunger, persistent nausea, depleted momentum. deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. did you notice i can’t even bring myself to capitalize properly!! just kidding, i’m nursing and typing one-handed :)

lots of couch reading, slow and steady. i need to remember to hang in there a few more weeks. meanwhile, piles are growing and i swear i can hear them snickering as i pass them by.

any mellow summer activity suggestions for our much larger fruits??? poor things.

however, we do go outside and DO things, thanks to my wonderful husband…see?

oh and we’re butchering robert the frisky rooster tonight!  more to follow to be sure!


4 thoughts on “small plum makes its presence known

  1. Michelle

    I feel your pain! I was really, really sick with Grace (I threw up for 21 weeks! Yuck!) and I can remember my house being a complete disaster. Fortunately, 2nd trimester will kick in soon and you’ll have that great energy boost. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

  2. xenia kathryn

    You are my hero (3x)…. no (10x)

    I totally admire your strength and your willingness to trust God with the beautiful fruit He’s given you! I can’t help but wonder how many kids we’ll have. Right now we are very much trusting God with it all, but it’s tough when “two” seems juuuuuust right. Oh! We shall see. We are still young! :D Any tips or encouragement you can give me, Mama?

  3. SusanSophia

    Ideas where YOU can sit and they can play?:
    Buckets of water and paint brushes with a warm side-walk(or let them “paint” just about anything).

    Here are some ideas I found online:
    Junk Mail…save your junk mail and do a “mail call” once a week or so. Let them open it up.
    Thread cereal rings on spaghetti noodles! You could use Playdough as a base.
    A deck of cards to play with!–(my boys LOVE cards, they make up their own games).
    Cut & paste box (preschool scissors, old magazines and a glue stick with paper).

    I can’t wait to hear how eviscerating went. :) And especially can’t wait to hear how he tasted.

  4. H West

    It’s amazing to see what’s going on around here with a deck of cards and dominoes. I wonder if my piles are talking to your piles because I hear mine snickering too.


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