mid-august already?

this summer of sandy feet, popsicles, bathing suits, bbqs, sweaty brows, sheet-sleep nights and spinning fans has seemed to sweep by in a flurry.

with our homeschool adventure beginning just around the corner, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

we’re following the classical model with charlotte mason practices in there. so we’ll be doing lots of reading, a bit of phonics, handwriting which he wants to do, art stuff, math from this cool book, family math, nature walks, fun projects, exploration and play.

we’ll see how it goes. trying to keep it fun and LOW pressure. our goals are to foster a love for learning and build the habit of doing school. this is just kindergarten after all, so we’ll take it nice and easy.

needless to say we’re getting excited.

life is so full and wondrous…i thank God i have the chance to be a part of this beautiful swirl.


4 thoughts on “mid-august already?

  1. SusanSophia

    I love Charlotte Mason!! I am also doing a classical cycle mixed with Charlotte philosophy. The start of school is always exciting. I hope to keep the excitement all year long!
    I’m reading Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola, right now. It is VERY good.

  2. linsey

    I would love to know what you do about ‘socialization’? I get that question a lot and always have. Because Liam is “reserved’ around people so many people feel free to tell me he needs pre-school. The kids at your church are all around the same age, right? Liam is the oldest of the kids we are friends with sooooo…Im not even sure what I am saying anymore or what I am asking anymore…. Thoughts? Advice?


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