bluecanopy daybook

outside my window ~ Cool overcast morning which will turn to sunny and warm in a few hours.

daily rhythm ~ Trying to get in the routine of school everyday.  I’m still adjusting things and figuring out the best time to run errands since morning is when we used to.  We’re also creeping back into post-first trimester normality, although the laundry piles still snicker.  Thankfully the kids are so young and my husband is gracious!

I am thankful for ~ The blessing of seeing, venerating and being anointed with holy oil from the myrrh-streaming Hawaiian Iveron icon.  I’ve never experienced anything like this.  It was so moving and faith-building for Thomasian me.

in the kitchen ~ Bare shelves…monday is grocery shopping day.

Breakfast was pretty creative.  Thank goodness for the egg machines in the backyard!

Lunch chicken sandwiches and fruit or leftover pasta.

Dinner meatloaf potatoes and steamed veggies (we’ll see what’s on sale and in season in a bit).

I am wearing ~ a college alumni t-shirt,  cotton pants, hair clip, barefeet.  Definitely not a glamour day.  I need to try more.

I am creating ~ a list of tentative Christmas gift ideas with the goal of having them done by the begining of Nativity or at least Thanksgiving.

Bringing beauty to my home ~ Trying to relfect the changing season with artwork and various squashes.  I’d also like to have a fresh centerpiece of some sort on the table for each week…flowers, etc.  It is refreshing to see a new albeit small change.

I am reading ~ The Gifts of the Child Christ compilation of works by George Macdonald.  It is such beautifully ennobling fantasy.  I acquired it from a “swap” we had at the Women’s group meeting last month…we all brought our used goods to swap and then donate to one of our young missionaries for a garage sale she’s having to raise funds.  It was a successful idea, and I got these great books :)

I am hoping ~ To have a peaceful and gentle day with the kids…being sure to have this quote Mother Theresa wrote to her sisters concerning the children and people in their care nearby:

“Speak tenderly to them.  Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting.  Always have a cheerful smile.  Don’t only give your care, but give your heart as well.”

Kind of lofty and I absolutely fall short, but what a  beautiful goal.  They are so much more responsive and cooperative when I’m peaceful and loving.  Lord have Mercy.

around the house ~ lots of veggie tales videos and VHS cases litter the floor, no matter how often I put them away.  The kids are obsessed with them, even just taking them out of the box, stacking them, looking at the, talking about them, etc. since Bonnie at church gave us a cardboard box FULL of what must be the entire set of VT movies!  Thanks Bonnie :)

making plans ~ I’m trying to find a nice place for apple picking…Julian, Oak Glen…any suggestions?

a picture thought ~a picture is a nice thought but I’m out of time!!!


7 thoughts on “bluecanopy daybook

  1. xenia kathryn

    Vasi is also obsessed with vhs videos! Everything about them. We just have a puny, old tv with attached vcr. I like having it since videos are so cheap and plentiful at thrift stores!

  2. H West

    I’d like to say something to address each item, but I’ll keep it short! You’re school rythym will just happen whether you like it or not. . .I can’t believe you’re worried about you’re attire. . .I’ve never heard of that icon, but I’m going to check it out. . .I want to read that George Macdonald book too. . .I like that Mama T quote, but whoa! hard. . .I’ve been to both apple picking places, but it was a while back and I don’t remember. . .and I’d love a picture, thanks.

  3. Katie

    It’s nice to hear from you and hear how you all are doing … how is being pregnant with three? You’re definitely super woman. That quote is amazing, and definitely something for me to aspire to after my not-so-peaceful morning with the kids. (lord, have mercy)


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