weekly menu

I really love having the menu planned and groceries purchased.  I keep my old menus stashed in a “file” (meaning smooshed into the paper organizer in the kitchen).  Someone said menus make it as though dinner “cooks itself”, I agree.  I wanted to share mine because I enjoyed reading someone else’s this morning.  Have a good monday!

Monday am ~ toast, scrambled eggs, oj

lunch  ~ chicken dinos, apple slices

dinner ~ roasted chicken, broccoli, rice pilaf

make cinnamon rolls

Tues am ~ cinnamon rolls

lunch ~ pb and j, yogurt smoothies

dinner ~ chinese chicken salad

prepare bread dough

Wed am ~ cereal

lunch ~ turkey sandwiches and pears

dinner ~ vegetable soup, no knead bread

Thurs am ~ cereal

lunch ~ leftover soup, toast or bread if any left

dinner ~ homemade mac n cheese, peas salad

Friday am ~ waffles (daddy’s home), oj, sausage?

lunch ~leftovers or sandwiches, fruit

dinner~wild rice pilaf wraps


3 thoughts on “weekly menu

  1. H West

    YES! YES! YES! The menu thing is a great and wonderful tool. I am TRYING to pull it together and do it every week. When I do, everything functions better. It’s just getting organized to get organized. . .


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