stepping out

It’s been blazing hot here these past few days.  We’ve taken to playing outside in the morning to beat the blast of the fire ball in the sky.  Here are some photos of today’s morning frolic.  Nothing spectacular…just a regular old morning :)


5 thoughts on “stepping out

  1. mimima

    Such lovely photos.

    I agree, it is rainy and grey here – but really only for the first time this year, so I’m happy with that ;)

  2. aaron

    H, I’m totally with you. No matter whose blog I’m looking at…I too love when folks post pics.

    Guess it goes with our AV oriented society.

  3. Katie

    i. love. your. chickens.

    I want chickens, but I also want a beagle. I’m afraid they may not mix well, so maybe I’ll tackle chickens first.


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