good (real) morning

teething, sad baby awakens at 5, after waking many times before that.

big sister crawls in with mom, unsoothable baby and dad who is trying to catch a few more minutes of rest.

ahhh.  quiet.  drifting back to sleep.  shhh.  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! drat.  all awake 6 am.

dad’s in the shower.  mom’s grumbling.  kids are chipper.  chipper?  yes, chipper and playfully dancing and flipping lights on as we journey into the kitchen for oatmeal.

no coffee roasted.  sorry honey. sorry all.

sun is up.  dad’s off to work.  breakfast is fast underway, the goldfish on the table entertain.

“ooops, sorry mommy”  full bowl of oaty seconds toppled onto the carpet, ricocheting off the wall then landing bottom up.  eew.  scoop, scrape, scrub.

regroup.  bowls are emptied and washed.  earl grey befriends me.  sit, sip, smile.

lap sitters collide and we read a few books.  children scamper off to become bunnies, shepherds and builders of kitchen chair animal pens.

and the morning presses on, mom ever sipping… thinking it was nice to see the sun rise.


6 thoughts on “good (real) morning

  1. katiej

    gosh, you’re up early. That was such a nice, poetic blog, and sounds like my morning! (except yours has more kids)

  2. aaron

    Ohhhhh, that was the sunrise?? I’m so out of it in the morning.

    Love you, Sara. Thanks for making life a great journey, day after day.


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