apple puppets

puppet shows will someday have a plot, I’m sure.

meanwhile, just eat pie.



11 thoughts on “apple puppets

  1. Sean

    I think you need to give Basil some more milk to catch up with his brother. Simeon’s bones are growing way faster than normal. He’s going to be taller than his godfather soon…He’s already way cuter than I am, I’ve got to have something on him, right? :)

  2. H West

    Soooo. . .funny. . .because my kids have had oh so many puppet shows with not plot whatsoever! It’s hilarious! And, no, they may never have plots. Great pics!

  3. momma

    reminds me of your shows at home when you were that age sara – immortalized on video (need to transfer to dvd for you…on the list…) i echo maria’s comment! ha to mimi, simeon sure does look like a little boy now! what a blessing, this sweet family.


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