keeping awake

We are still here.  Life is still churning and I have come to miss blogging.  I miss the documentation of life and the slant of light it offers to my days.  I miss the way it makes me cherish moments as capturable and to see them as lovely and real as they are.

So, here we are again.   Blogging.  See you real soon.

June 09 159

Our Emelia Louise Marie was born on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation (she’s that cute little squishy thing Basil is holding).


13 thoughts on “keeping awake

  1. Xenia Katie

    Yay!!!! What a treat to see your new post here :D Congrats on your “Emmy Lou” (hehehe, I’m so clever). All the kids look fabulous, hope your’e well!

  2. annie

    Many years to sweet Emelia, whom I heard was baptized this weekend! Your children are just lovely, you make a great case for big families! Glad your back.

  3. walkwallfall

    Wow! Nice to see you back! I just returned to blogging myself! What a pleasant surprise to see you with a recent post. Love the pic!


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