Gratitude is such a nice word, don’t you think?

Today we painted “gratitude rocks” with our home school group in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday…I really love having a whole day to celebrate thankfulness.  What a wonderful thing, that foe of discontentment…gratitude.  Glory to God, the Giver of all Good things!  Things like…

….among millions of others :)


7 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. victoria

    love it! wow. they just keep getting cuter. seriously. how is that possible.
    I know we don’t get to see you much, but just knowing that you’re there, makes the world a better place for me. love.

  2. H West

    Wow, you’re getting rather ‘posty’. Fab. Funny that you mention ‘gratitude’ because a few weeks ago, I was listening to all the complaining that everybody was doing and it made me think that we all need a shot of gratitude. I thought of a little project that I could do with it, but. . .um haven’t started it. You have reminded me of it.


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