bluecanopy daybook

Outside my window ~ Rain and wind, dark and gray.  Perfect for hot cocoa and laundry.

I am thinking ~ about the pile of books sprawled about from this morning’s blanket fort.

I am thankful for… weekends with my wonderful husband.  Walks, coffee Liturgy and a simple lovely wedding attended.  The memories make Monday easier.

I am wearing… latte colored yoga pants, a comfy-cute black shirt, bunned hair, silver dangly earrings and barefeet (yes even on a rainy day).

I am remembering… to be thankful and prayerful rather than grumble amidst all of the undone things and piles.

I am going… nowhere today.  tomorrow is our busy day with Basil’s music and Juliana’s dance after that.

I am currently reading… the daily excerpts in the Prologue and the latest issue of Sunset.

I am hoping… to have a smooth afternoon.

On my mind… Haiti.  I saw photos for the first time yesterday and they touched my heart in a way radio reports hadn’t.  Lord have Mercy.

Noticing that… If I take time to carefully do what I NEED to get done, the moments and those little ones around me seem more peaceful.  The atmosphere is changed from hurried and frazzled to careful and calm.

Pondering these words… “Women shall be saved in childbearing (1 Timothy 2:15). ”  Heavy.

From the kitchen… Muffin Monday.  Yes it’s true.  Monday mornings bring muffin yumminess.  Today was a banana muffin monday.

Around the house… Laundry day, sorting and thinning out piles of bits and bobs that I have become skilled at ignoring, yikes!

One of my favorite things~ the excitement of the children when the rest time timer beeps.  Usually they all come pattering down the hall cheerily announcing “rest time’s over!”.  Then time for a snack and story…and I’m usually ready for them after my chores and quiet.

A photo to share~ Basil and Tom, one of our two rats


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