five stars for plan “G”

It was definitely not a five star day.  The end, however, was wonderful.

After a day of tantrum taming, bottom wiping, owie icing, passion fighting, laundry refolding, glass sweeping, and countless other unplanned “blessings” dinner was no where being made come 6:00.  So after a call from my man, it was agreed that in the best interest of all involved it was time for plan “G”.

Plan “G” can to be used in extreme emergencies or just when you need coziness, encouragement, and ice cream.  Plan “G” also includes swimming, dinner, warm hugs, funny stories about daddy as a boy, chocolate covered pretzels and a short 15 minute drive home during which falling asleep is always a good option.

Plan “G” is available wherever great Grandmas are found.

Thank you, Jean for dinner! And here’s to tomorrow.  Five star or not, God’s grace is sufficient.

*note: photo is completely irrelevant.  It’s from my cousin’s wedding :)


5 thoughts on “five stars for plan “G”

  1. Michelle M.

    That is wonderful. Makes me miss my family… We’re pretty much on our own here. It is freeing and difficult at the same time. But I definitely wish we had somewhere to pack up and go to on days like that.

    The photos is very sweet.


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