bluecanopy daybook

Outside My Window

A lovely breeze and green grass.

I am Listening to

Basil talking to Simeon from the top bunk during rest time, the fish tank filter humming , and a cricket chirping in broad daylight.

I am Wearing

Linen pants a green button up blouse, a cute bracelet my friend made, bare feet, hair tied in a bun with a hair stick.

I’m thankful for

A beautiful weekend…family bbq, Liturgy at St. Innocent and a trip to St. Barbara’s for the afternoon.

A box full of food that was given to us which filled the freezer!

Cooler weather and outside play.

Imaginative kiddos and their odd-ball antics

A helpful and appreciative husband

I am Reading

Dr. Raymond Moore’s The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook.  A true gem and encouragement….thank you Susan! :)

I am Thinking

That this school year is going to be fun filled and fast moving….readalouds, experiments, field trips, park days, and feasts and fasts.   Goal: to cherish, grow and appreciate rather than scurry and worry….choosing The One thing Needful.

Toward Real Education

Tuesday signals the start of school days.  We’ll see how all of my “planning” and ideals come to fruition.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Ironing our September menu plan and chore changes…trying to decide if we should dress and do chores before breakfast or after.  Seems lame but I can’t decide.  We’ve done after bfst in the past and transitioning would be hard.  Any advice or ideas?

Around the House

Re-organized the school area, with my awesome sister’s help….and added a bookshelf I moved in from the garage.  It came out nicely I think.  Cleaned this morning in a hurry for surprise guests.  Behind in laundry as usual :)  Fresh picked yellow roses on the table beside me as I type…sweet and pretty.

From the Kitchen

Blueberry streusel muffins for muffin Monday….BBQ chicken and summer squash tonight with a crisp for dessert.

One of My Favorite Things


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Basil’s first piano lesson is Wednesday and perhaps a beach trip is in order to celebrate the close of a season?

Picture thoughts (for my records and in case anyone likes seeing these things as much as I do for inspiration, although mine is nothing amazing or brilliant)

supply cubby…a thrifted armoire with closing doors.  the bottom has Mama resources and paper.

The new bookshelf…bottom is toddler toys, white tubs are Basil and Juliana’s own tubs, the shelves above that are my books and binders for everyday use.   To the left half in the photo is a low bookshelf with the nature table and fish tank on top.  These are all in our dining room :)

Sweet Juliana’s summer freckles!


4 thoughts on “bluecanopy daybook

  1. victoria

    I’m so jealous of you’re beautifully organized cupboards and shelves! so lovely. there’s something about well-crafted organization that is so inspiring and refreshing.

    btw, I love the stick-bun! you’re the only person I know besides me who does that!


  2. Michelle M.

    I love the freckles :) I was working on organizing our classroom yesterday. It is a job! This is our first year (pre-k), so I am just starting out, but it is fun to get everything set-up.

  3. Lauren S.

    hooray for supply cubbies with doors! adore the lovely, simple organization you’ve got going there. looks very good and inspiring! is this in your main living area?


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