today. now. daybook.

Outside My Window

Darkness and quiet…and Aaron smoking his pipe.

I am Listening to

Crickets in the cooling night air.

I am wearing

Yellow pajamas.  The same butter-cream as my kitchen.  Mmm.  Butter.

I’m thankful for

Divine Liturgy tonight for the Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross…although difficult child-wise, beautiful.

The Public Library….go Ben Franklin.

Supportive and encouraging homeschooling families/mamas around us.

I am Reading

Not much this week….it’s a busy one thus far.

Toward Real Education

Karate lessons begin tomorrow.  Body control is a good thing to learn for a 7 yo boy :) Ki-yah!

Ancient China week….lots of books laying around.  And rice cakes.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Flannel sheets adorn the beds, although here they’re really unnecessary…it’s just a coziness factor.

Come to breakfast dressed and bed made.  Ma will serve you up a nice plate of something yummy.  The habit is yet to be formed but progress is steady — hunger is a motivator!

Aiming to walk slowly and intentionally.  Basking in today.  Avoiding the pit of the stomach feeling at the end of the day…”where did today go?  did I play with anyone?  laugh heartily?  give an unsolicited hug? close my eyes and breathe in?”

Around the House

Pumpkins have been sighted on mantles and shelves.  Leaves of autumnal hues have begun to find their way indoors!  Apple spice pecan bread wafts from the oven.  O Mid-September!  (Yes, the laundry piles still abound — a yummy smelling kitchen does not necessitate an immaculate house, phew!)

From the Kitchen

Darkness, an empty sink and a lonely half finished jigsaw puzzle on the counter.  It is sleeping.  Shh.

One of My Favorite Things

Morning cuddles, goodbye kisses, and “bayah dada” from Emelia to Aaron.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Karate begins, Nature study/hike Thursday, park day Friday with St Theophan. Maybe a mini date night with my man…?

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3 thoughts on “today. now. daybook.

  1. Michelle M.

    Slowly and intentionally sounds perfect. I am more of the quick and clumsy type, unfortunately. :)

    What age did you start karate? I have a friend who recommended for our oldest because has A LOT of energy (that is without sugar or processed foods and carbs). What is your recommendation?



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