keep them in your head lines

feeling the need to revamp living spaces and revive dead old falling apart bits and bobs. and i’m not even pregnant.

ditched a gathering of mamas from church to drive around and drink hot cocoa. by myself.

feeling weird about feeling weird. my sister’s car was broken in to in our drive way. locking the doors more often.

holding an empty bag of tricks. how to occupy or include toddlers in school time. without moving screens.

watched a praying mantis chow two butterflies. he left the beautiful wings.

wondering about ceiling fan blades. wouldn’t moving for months keep them clean? wipe.

good night.


5 thoughts on “keep them in your head lines

  1. H West

    our radio was stolen out of our car in our driveway. feels uncomfortable. i have the same thoughts about ceiling fans. logic tells me they should never be dirty.


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