advent so far

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Advent is waiting….preparing to receive Christ at His Nativity .  In our home we try to keep things simple yet meaningful while remembering that the celebration is coming.  It is a rich time and this year with the kids being a bit older, I’ve really been appreciating it.  Here are a few of the traditions we’ve begun:

Reading lots of  books from the library and favorites tucked away from last year.

Each week we light a candle remembering the things He brings the world…faith, hope, love, peace, mercy, joy, hoping to understand and experience each of these a little more.

The star calendar came with daily scripture readings pointing to Christ spanning from Creation to the Nativity.  And who doesn’t love putting felt on felt?

Never mind the three children on one chair stirring boiling pasta at the stove in the background as i take photos :)

Hoping your Advent has been blessed so far.


6 thoughts on “advent so far

  1. carlee

    beautiful sarah! we are starting the tradition this year of the jesse tree…tomorrow actually…i am very excited to share the anticipation of advent with my boys!

  2. Susan

    This is beautiful. I love your advent traditions. I love the idea of the candle and studying those beautiful things that Jesus brings us. Hmmm, maybe next year.

  3. H West

    SARA!! Where in the heck are you? I’ve sent you several e-mails and, yes, we must get together and talk about Waldorf. You would dig it. But, this means that we would actually have to make contact. Are you stuck here in cyberspace back in Advent or what?!?!?!? E-mail me your phone number.


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