new year and nameday week menu

This coming week brings three festivities…NYE, Feastday of St. Basil (Jan1), and the Feastday of St. Juliana of Lazarevo (Jan2).  So needless to say, a bit of planning is in order.

st basil bread

Monday (NYE)

B – muffin monday, fruit

L – sandwiches with leftover turkey, fruit

D – shepherds pie, salad, apple pecan pots with vanilla ice cream, NYE snacks

Tuesday (St. Basil)

B – Vasilopita fruit, hot chocolate

L – open faced grille cheese, carrots

D – kebabs, greek salad, pita, baklava

Wednesday (St. Juliana)

B – Pancakes, eggs, fruit

L – Juliana’s choice

D – Beef stroganoff, borsch, dessert..honey cake?


B – Oatmeal

L – whatever we have on hand (nature study)

D – Chicken, veggies, quinoa


B – toast, yogurt, fruit

L – Bean burritos, snacks at parkday

D – Crockpot beef, salad, roasted potatoes, family fun night dessert


B – french toast casserole, eggs, fruit

L – leftovers,whatever is on hand

D – out after Great Vespers

Sunday (Theophany/Epiphany)

B – fasting

L – coffee hour and snacks

D – Celebratory meal…potluck with friends?


5 thoughts on “new year and nameday week menu

    1. bluecanopy Post author

      Stephanie…I’m not always organized. Usually it is out of necessity. :) menu planning has saved me so much time and probably money as well…..thanks for commenting. See you at parkday God willing.


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