front yard & ballet kind of day

The girls had their first ballet classes today at a little Christian ballet school.  They loved it.  The boys drew, read and did school work while waiting and Anna sat on my lap or nursed.  It worked out well..


Then we came home and read history and library books in the front yard.  It was so nice to be outside after weeks of illnesses.  The weather was lovely….warm in the sun, crisip and cool in the shade and blue, blue, blue, skies. Is it me or is Anna almost giving a wink?


Simeon listened from the bushes….worked on his fort and found a missing shoe.  Always productive, that guy.


Then Basil disappeared inside to work on a lego project while Juliana and I chatted and finished some schoolwork on the blanket.



Dinner was easy-peasy. French dip sandiwiches with last night’s roast, broccoli and salad….so it nearly fixed itself.

Good day. Good night :)


7 thoughts on “front yard & ballet kind of day

  1. naomiheffer

    Our 5 year little girl started ballet in September and loves it as well little bit jealous however that your homeschooling outside cant wait til warm up here in England

  2. Xenia Katie

    What a great day, Sara! So good to read your comment on my blog– thanks for stopping by (and i appreciated your sentiments on being a mom of many little ones). I love seeing pics of your growing family, they’re all getting so big!


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