happiest place?

While I’m not sure of the veracity of its slogan “The Happiest Place on Earth”, we sure had a fun day. My mother and Grandmother graciously signed our family in to D*sneyl*and.  It has been years since we have all gone together.



They walked with us for a while then went on their way.  Kisses for Gigi.


Little legs held up well.  We had a single stroller for Anna, who hung with me in waiting areas and waddled along Main Street, charming passersby.





Oh the joy that comes with 40 inches.  Even Emelia could ride the Matterhorn.


Here she is telling me how she yelled, “Waaaaaaah!” as they sped past the Yeti. I have no idea why my kids call him a Yeti, I’ve always heard abominatable snowman.  Potatoes, potatoes.


We were impressed with newly developed areas and despite the chilling temperatures, we wimpy Californians made it through past sundown!  I wore a fleece and a sweater all day. It was in the 40s.



And THIS is my favorite shot of the day…volumes, I tell you. Thanks Mommy and Gigi :)


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