Listening to :: Juliana narrate a scenario with stuffed animals on her bed down the hallway. And a documentary on technology and humanity.  We are dorks.

Pondering :: The week ahead.  Schooling, home-keeping, Ballet, Piano, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, book club hosting, meetings with friends and God-children.  Remembering to balance activity with the pursuit of Peace.

Creating :: Plans for painting projects and late night paint parties for Aaron and myself.  We find this is the best way to get it done.  And a glass of wine makes it fun. I am certain every wall in the house needs repainting….eventually. Ah, and curtains to cover the television. The doors have been gradually broken off and finally needed to be tossed altogether.

Reading :: Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. Almost done with this lovely little mystery book.  Her prose is delightfu,l although it took me half the book to really gain interest.

Planning :: Spring gardening intentions.  They are always grand and bountiful.  Hopefully I can follow through this year.  I have lettuces and kale in one box now. It is really a shame not to garden year round in these parts. My mother-in-law is currently harvesting tomatoes.

Wearing :: Black yoga pants, a knit tee and barefeet. Classy, I know.

Thankful for :: A beautiful celebration of our 12th Wedding Anniversary and 16th year of friendship. We spent Saturday together browsing and meandering. It was so pleasant.  I have truly been blessed to love and be loved by my husband….and all of the ensuing crazy-beautiful loviness. For this I am utterly thankful.






2 thoughts on “daybook

  1. Sophia

    Happy Anniversary!
    I’m so glad you are blogging again! It is so nice to read and see/hear what you and your beautiful family are up to.
    Painting projects! FUN!

  2. Michelle M.

    Happy Anniversary!

    I loved this from your post: “Remembering to balance activity with the pursuit of Peace.” This is so important and I completely struggle with finding balance.

    Have a wonderful day.


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