let every breath

The weekend was restful and fruitful.  Drizzles mingled with clear skies.  Toilet scrubbing, laundry and food preparations melded with  wrestling, mess-making, cuddling and music.  Then of course Vespers, Liturgy, visiting with church family and family.


Psalm 150 (One of my favorites…sung during the Matins Service)

Praise ye God in His saints, praise Him in the firmament of His power.
Praise Him for His mighty acts, praise Him according to the multitude of His greatness.
Praise Him with the sound of trumpet, praise Him with the psaltery and harp.
Praise Him with timbrel and dance, praise him with strings and flute.
Praise Him with tuneful cymbals, praise Him with cymbals of jubilation.
Let every breath praise the Lord.


3 thoughts on “let every breath

    1. bluecanopy Post author

      Well…our piano plays well and is tuned nicely but it is well loved. There are several black keys missing and the paint is so worn :) I’ve thought about repainting it….maybe black. But I like the fun green and it’ll just get worn again. Haha!


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