far from a homestead


I am a reluctant gardener…..Aaron waters what I plant and then later neglect. He has a far greener thumb and better caretaking habits. My gardening dreams are often too large and idealistic. My perspective has to change especially with the young children and our life in general. I need to be very realistic.  Just plant whatever I know we will eat and just go for it. The amazing Farmer’s Market in town was a pricey field trip today……realization: be more fruitful with my time and the space we have.


Shirtless babies. Spring is near…..thankfully they cry when they need to be fed.



Sadly, Emelia’s chicken “Bubble” was taken down by our dog, Jack.  He played with it to death. She was sad but ok.  Every once in a while she asks for a new chick.  None of the chickens are laying anymore and thoughts of starting a new flock are tempting.  The small coop I built two years ago is wobbly and worn now.  So work would have to be done…..we’ll see.


I love the ideas of urban homesteading…even if it’s just learning and incorporating a few new skills every year.  I love being that much more knowledgable and productive.  Even more than that, I like the idea.  Yet another area where practicality and ideals must marry….peppered with diligence and care.  I have much to learn.


2 thoughts on “far from a homestead

  1. Michelle M.

    How sad about the chicken. We would love to have chicken someday, but we live in a subdivision that won’t allow us. We can’t stand living here, but we know that we need to be thankful for what we have. Someday we will move into the country, but for now, we seek contentment. :)

  2. Mimi

    I have the same issue – a black thumb. I agree with plants to put them outside where God can water them. They then are on their own.
    Sorry about the chicken.


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