early to rise


All last year I bemoaned the fact that even before my feet hit the floor in the morning, the work began. I don’t mind the work or the little ones making it for me, I just wanted a bit of quiet before the launch into coffee, breakfast, chores, diapers….you know.

Last August I swore I would rise before everyone, say my prayers quietly and enjoy the time. I did for a few weeks then I realized….the work would follow me! If I woke up surely one or all would join me! I decided I might as well sleep in.

That worked. But the desire for a peace-filled beginning, a silent start haunted me.

My answer….a walk. And so my alarm sounded earlier today and I strapped in the one who inevitably awoke and off we went.

It was Anna and the birds and me, greeting the sun as it peeked over the hills.

I prayed my morning rule while she munched on something. We soaked it all in and we were filled.

Hopefully I can keep the new habit. Three mornings a week seems sustainable.


3 thoughts on “early to rise

  1. h west

    you’ve become a blogging maniac! i often think of getting up before everyone, but it’s so hard! when i get up- no matter what time- people get up. eek! i’m a night person so i stay up late and can be by myself. but prayers certainly don’t happen!!! dishes happen. . .
    anyway, all is well here. wish we were closer and could hang out more. if you get bored, come visit!


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