be patient with life


Today was a warm, tired, stuffy day. I sewed while they played. Then the washing machine died mid-spin cycle and kids bugged each other and…me, ahem.

We navigated it all fine. Not the best of days….messy but redemptive. There was nothing apologies, snacks and a ride in the AC couldn’t fix.


A wise man recently said, “be patient with life”. It was followed by the truth that prayerful, careful moments add up to a prayer life of many years…..I’m working on patience, prayerful and careful. Thank God I have these trying opportunities.

“Strong faith in a man’s heart both requires and produces prayer, and a prayer life of many years produces love.
The goal of our life is nothing other than cleansing our heart to such an extent that it is able to sing with joy.
Thus, prayer of the heart leads to joy of the heart.
Nothing is difficult for a joyful person, because he has love.”
   – Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica


5 thoughts on “be patient with life

  1. Susa

    I LOVE that quote. I’m going to paint it some day. But for now I’ve printed it and put it on the fridge. Your husband put it on Fb the other day and that’s where I first saw it. I WANT what it speaks of. Thanks for sharing it again and for sharing your day. :)

  2. Xenia Katie

    Wow, I had a very similar kind of day! Wish I could have sewn, though. What project are you working on? That fabric is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful quotes! Gives me some hope on these slow days ;) Lord have mercy!
    It’s great to see your blog posts, Sara!


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