Listening :: The radio is playing Tchaicovsky…a perfect accompaniment for dinner-making…that and the ever-present kid sounds inside and out.

Pondering :: strategies for smooth learning days. Including new books, interesting things for the little ones to do and encouraging joy by being joyful myself.

Creating :: dresses for the girls and myself for my sister’s wedding at the end of next month. I’m using the washi dress pattern for myself with a nice fabric and nursing modifications, I’m anxious to get it done and wear it!

Reading :: Sally Clarkson’s Educating the Wholehearted Child and Light in the Darkness, an amazing treasure of a book by Sergei Fudel, a Russian layman, concerning our faith in practicality. Beautiful.

Planning :: Learning, activity schedules and meals for September.  I’m also rethinking chore distributions for the kiddos as well as fine tuning my own list. I love new beginnings, don’t you?

Wearing :: a blue cotton scoop neck shirt and grey cozy pants, bare feet and a bun. Geesh, these always make me seem like a slob. I DO get ready for the day :) We swam all day with friends and  this just sounded nice to wear after my shower.

Thankful for :: The friends we swam with. Such sweet kids and lovely mamas. Oh and a washer and dryer.  Our washer died last week and the repairman told us it wasn’t worth his or our time. My first thought was….”woo hoo!” because the dryer had to be run twice per load and I’ve had my eye on a fancy max capacity washer. But Craigslist it was due to the combo of wanting to use cash only on appliances, if possible, and Plew budget reapportioning due to near future financial goals….think car ;)

So, we had to forego the fancy but hey, it washes and that makes me happy and thankful!

The photos are from the backyard this afternoon as I made my rounds.






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