Daily Archives: August 28, 2013



Lately I’ve been thinking oodles about time. With schedules and plans and changing daily rhythms swirling around my noggin, I’ve been giving screen time an awful lot of thought. The kids’ screen time is minimal and I’m not against movie watching here and there or game playing in moderation. I’m really thinking of myself.

This smartphone for starts. What a blessing it has been, quick info and access to emails is great. I’ve deleted FB from it so that hard drug is gone. But still I find myself randomly picking it up. I’m checking something, I’m sending a picture really quickly, I’m replying to a text, I’m…….what oh, you need me?

It feels really silly if I think about it as if I’m watching myself from the outside…..I’m staring blindly, tapping the glowing black thing. Honestly, it is fun. It’s like a mini-momentary vacation. But is it an addiction or an honest to goodness use of a tool? I have to check myself.

During school days I plan to check my emails in the morning after prayers and before school time. Then at 9, it goes away. I’ll answer only calls from my husband during learning times. Photos? Now there’s a hitch and maybe you can suggest a solution. I do enjoy photographing our days. Maybe I can snap them and then set the camera back on the high shelf. Then do uploading and sharing later during computer/phone time?

Those times will be after morning prayers, then briefly during rest time after lunch. And then again during free time in the afternoon. After that, not until the kids are asleep. (Obviously, I may need to access a map or some info regarding schooling etc. During other times, but hopefully rarely)

That should be plenty!!

Is there anything you do to fight the technology binging and remain present to those around you? I’d love to hear your suggestions.