sunday ritual: dudes & meals

Most Sunday evenings our backyard is transformed from the Kids’ mud-wagon-old boxes wonderland to the Dudes’ prayer-fire pit-beer-adoirandak chair-prayer-spiritual reading den. I love it.  These guys read aloud and discuss piercing matters of Life in Christ, they share their struggles and toss a few back with their brothers under the expanding cosmos.  What a blessed thing.  Community.  I love it.

I try my best not to listen to their conversations….sometimes quiet hushed mumbles seeking wisdom and counsel, sometimes too-loud gaffaws. I catch a few. Enough to understand why they keep coming back week after week regardless of Superbowl, rain, birthdays.

And so I putter around wiping, tidying, school and meal planning, washing, folding, nursing, typing, reading.  Whatever needs to be done amidst the silent house and the koinonia on the patio.


Some fruits of tonight’s planning:


B – berry muffins, milk

L- egg salad sands, smoothie

D- ginger honey pork, quinoa, cauliflower, broccoli


B – toast & eggs

L- quesadillas, fruit

D- WW pasta, sausage, marinara, salad


B – Oatmeal, fruit

L – bean burritos, fruit

D – split pea soup, salad (Catachesis of the Good Shepherd)


B – yogurt & museli

L – leftovers

D – bbq chicken sandwiches, roasted potatoes, salad (Homeschool moms’ mtg.)


B – Oatmeal, fruit

L – PB&Honey, fruit, snacks (Parkday)

D – Roasted veggies and a treat (Family Fun Night)


2 thoughts on “sunday ritual: dudes & meals

  1. bluecanopy Post author

    Michelle….I agree and I think women naturally seek it out more than men. I’m generalizing obviously…buy that’s why I’m so happy to have them here.


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