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early to rise


All last year I bemoaned the fact that even before my feet hit the floor in the morning, the work began. I don’t mind the work or the little ones making it for me, I just wanted a bit of quiet before the launch into coffee, breakfast, chores, diapers….you know.

Last August I swore I would rise before everyone, say my prayers quietly and enjoy the time. I did for a few weeks then I realized….the work would follow me! If I woke up surely one or all would join me! I decided I might as well sleep in.

That worked. But the desire for a peace-filled beginning, a silent start haunted me.

My answer….a walk. And so my alarm sounded earlier today and I strapped in the one who inevitably awoke and off we went.

It was Anna and the birds and me, greeting the sun as it peeked over the hills.

I prayed my morning rule while she munched on something. We soaked it all in and we were filled.

Hopefully I can keep the new habit. Three mornings a week seems sustainable.



After a lovely email from a lovely girl, I decided to pick up the “pen” again. Her simple words spoke of encouragement and that got me thinking. We women, wives, mothers, friends, we need encouragement and inspiration. The online world can be a community of encouragement both giving and receiving. So that’s my goal, to be a more generous encourager.

So may your week be bright, thoughtful and intentional :)

Good night.


saints peter and paul and the know-it-all

After a pool side chat with Erica and my beautiful Goddaughter (where lots of dairy products were consumed), I’ve decided the bluecanopy needs an update to say the least.  While I won’t bore you with a long list of why I have neglected this space, I will say that I am dipping my toe in timidly.  Blogging has been a blessing and a challenge for me but I really do appreciate the benefits of it all.  So there it is.  And here we are.  Blessed feast and hopefully I won’t ever be taken for this.

Our days are filled with summer goodness…with the warmest days still to come.  The cool breezy days lend themselves to long afternoons of imaginative play, bike rides and outside projects.

We are all learning to love just a little more, to enjoy one another just a little more, and to bear one another in patience.  It is draining and deliberate and delightful all at once.

At the end of the day, when the piles of folded laundry have been stacked on the piano, when the fish tank light has been switched off and the only sounds are the flipping of pages beside me, the distant hum of the fridge, and the soft breathing of the baby in the crook of my arm, I lay still and smile.  God is Good.

wisdom…couldn’t resist

“By His Resurrection, the Lord has brought us from death to life, and that Resurrection the “Angels in Heaven cry,” [for they have] seen the light of deified human nature in fore-ordained glory in the person of our Lord and Redeemer, in Whose Image and through the power of Whose Resurrection, all true believers in Him, all who have united with Him with all their souls, are transformed. Glory, O Lord, to Thy Most-glorious Resurrection! The Angels sing, rejoicing together with us and foreseeing the swelling of their ranks. O Lord, make us worthy, to hymn Thee, the Resurrected One, with pure hearts, seeing in Thy Resurrection the cessation of our corruption, the seeds of a new resplendent life and the dawn of coming eternal glory whose forerunner Thou becamest, being resurrected for our sake. The tongues of neither men nor angels are capable of expressing Thy ineffable mercy toward us, O most-gloriously Resurrected Lord!”

Bishop Theophanes the Recluse

st. john’s ladder

From this daunting work…

Freedom from anger is a triumph over one’s nature. It comes by hard work and the sweat of one’s brow.

The first step toward freedom from anger is to keep the lips silent when the heart is stirred; the next, to keep thoughts silent when the soul is upset; the last to be totally calm when unclean winds are blowing.

Just as darkness retreats before light, so all anger and bitterness disappears before the fragrance of humility.

Phew! Lord have mercy.


I’m trying to conjure up a blog subject here. Nothing seems worthy so I’ll tell you how I’ve been feeling about dogs. So I took the kids to the park yesterday morning. While we enjoyed a game of tag and treasure hunt on the grass, a white truck pulled up. Not a mom car, not a work truck. Ok…it was a guy on his lunch break taking his GIGANTIC mastiff for a tightly restrained stroll through the park. The guy was giving the dog about on foot of leash and the spunky creature was pretty much pulling him.

Now my beef is…why would someone bring a dog like that to a park where children are playing? Am I being weird? I know we all share the park…but he was scary! One strong leap and he could have torn away from white truck man with little effort. We said hello when he walked two feet within our play zone. Maybe I should have moved when I saw him coming our way. I don’t know.  Maybe he was really sweet….but those teeth!  It gives me the willies.