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Lately I’ve been thinking oodles about time. With schedules and plans and changing daily rhythms swirling around my noggin, I’ve been giving screen time an awful lot of thought. The kids’ screen time is minimal and I’m not against movie watching here and there or game playing in moderation. I’m really thinking of myself.

This smartphone for starts. What a blessing it has been, quick info and access to emails is great. I’ve deleted FB from it so that hard drug is gone. But still I find myself randomly picking it up. I’m checking something, I’m sending a picture really quickly, I’m replying to a text, I’m…….what oh, you need me?

It feels really silly if I think about it as if I’m watching myself from the outside…..I’m staring blindly, tapping the glowing black thing. Honestly, it is fun. It’s like a mini-momentary vacation. But is it an addiction or an honest to goodness use of a tool? I have to check myself.

During school days I plan to check my emails in the morning after prayers and before school time. Then at 9, it goes away. I’ll answer only calls from my husband during learning times. Photos? Now there’s a hitch and maybe you can suggest a solution. I do enjoy photographing our days. Maybe I can snap them and then set the camera back on the high shelf. Then do uploading and sharing later during computer/phone time?

Those times will be after morning prayers, then briefly during rest time after lunch. And then again during free time in the afternoon. After that, not until the kids are asleep. (Obviously, I may need to access a map or some info regarding schooling etc. During other times, but hopefully rarely)

That should be plenty!!

Is there anything you do to fight the technology binging and remain present to those around you? I’d love to hear your suggestions.



Listening :: The radio is playing Tchaicovsky…a perfect accompaniment for dinner-making…that and the ever-present kid sounds inside and out.

Pondering :: strategies for smooth learning days. Including new books, interesting things for the little ones to do and encouraging joy by being joyful myself.

Creating :: dresses for the girls and myself for my sister’s wedding at the end of next month. I’m using the washi dress pattern for myself with a nice fabric and nursing modifications, I’m anxious to get it done and wear it!

Reading :: Sally Clarkson’s Educating the Wholehearted Child and Light in the Darkness, an amazing treasure of a book by Sergei Fudel, a Russian layman, concerning our faith in practicality. Beautiful.

Planning :: Learning, activity schedules and meals for September.  I’m also rethinking chore distributions for the kiddos as well as fine tuning my own list. I love new beginnings, don’t you?

Wearing :: a blue cotton scoop neck shirt and grey cozy pants, bare feet and a bun. Geesh, these always make me seem like a slob. I DO get ready for the day :) We swam all day with friends and  this just sounded nice to wear after my shower.

Thankful for :: The friends we swam with. Such sweet kids and lovely mamas. Oh and a washer and dryer.  Our washer died last week and the repairman told us it wasn’t worth his or our time. My first thought was….”woo hoo!” because the dryer had to be run twice per load and I’ve had my eye on a fancy max capacity washer. But Craigslist it was due to the combo of wanting to use cash only on appliances, if possible, and Plew budget reapportioning due to near future financial goals….think car ;)

So, we had to forego the fancy but hey, it washes and that makes me happy and thankful!

The photos are from the backyard this afternoon as I made my rounds.





be patient with life


Today was a warm, tired, stuffy day. I sewed while they played. Then the washing machine died mid-spin cycle and kids bugged each other and…me, ahem.

We navigated it all fine. Not the best of days….messy but redemptive. There was nothing apologies, snacks and a ride in the AC couldn’t fix.


A wise man recently said, “be patient with life”. It was followed by the truth that prayerful, careful moments add up to a prayer life of many years…..I’m working on patience, prayerful and careful. Thank God I have these trying opportunities.

“Strong faith in a man’s heart both requires and produces prayer, and a prayer life of many years produces love.
The goal of our life is nothing other than cleansing our heart to such an extent that it is able to sing with joy.
Thus, prayer of the heart leads to joy of the heart.
Nothing is difficult for a joyful person, because he has love.”
   – Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

refreshing spaces








For some reason the tidy-up bug hit me today. Maybe I’m feeling anxious for the spaces to be used in new ways. Most had fallen into disorder after the summer’s fun. I’m slowly working at it. Tomorrow is a laundry day so less will get done. There’s still the closet in the office which holds craft, art, sewing supplies and school resources. Then the boys closet….oh dear.

I’m glad I took these pictures to remind myself of the ordered state because it won’t last. That’s just how it goes.

Fighting entropy one day at a time!

What are you sprucing up?

summer sand




Today we had a long lazy day at the beach. Around ten families joined us, popping in and out throughout the day. Some stayed for a bonfire and dads joined in for s’mores, happy to hold their damp, sandy kiddos after long days of work.

For the kids it was heaven. For the mamas, much needed chatting and sitting. It was altogether lovely.

Have I ever mentioned that I love community?

new year and nameday week menu

This coming week brings three festivities…NYE, Feastday of St. Basil (Jan1), and the Feastday of St. Juliana of Lazarevo (Jan2).  So needless to say, a bit of planning is in order.

st basil bread

Monday (NYE)

B – muffin monday, fruit

L – sandwiches with leftover turkey, fruit

D – shepherds pie, salad, apple pecan pots with vanilla ice cream, NYE snacks

Tuesday (St. Basil)

B – Vasilopita fruit, hot chocolate

L – open faced grille cheese, carrots

D – kebabs, greek salad, pita, baklava

Wednesday (St. Juliana)

B – Pancakes, eggs, fruit

L – Juliana’s choice

D – Beef stroganoff, borsch, dessert..honey cake?


B – Oatmeal

L – whatever we have on hand (nature study)

D – Chicken, veggies, quinoa


B – toast, yogurt, fruit

L – Bean burritos, snacks at parkday

D – Crockpot beef, salad, roasted potatoes, family fun night dessert


B – french toast casserole, eggs, fruit

L – leftovers,whatever is on hand

D – out after Great Vespers

Sunday (Theophany/Epiphany)

B – fasting

L – coffee hour and snacks

D – Celebratory meal…potluck with friends?

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Well, my sweet husband was able to gift me with a tablet this morning. What a welcome surprise since I have not had a working computer at home for nearly a year!  Perusing the pages of this spacenearly always convinces me to start blogging again.  I think I need it. I need to savor. I need a place to freeze frame these fleeting moments.  Like the piles of journals tucked quietly underneath my bed…resting in their dusty tub, filled with teenage memories and young adult pondering. Here these days and moments can sit and rest in their dusty cyber home while the years cycle by too quickly and months unravel into life. I need this space. I aim to be back more frequently……

Glory to God in all things :) Merry Christmas!